okay it’s 11pm and i’m going to bed

i am trying really hard to do this “regular sleep schedule” thing. sigh. adulting is hard.

goodnight loves <3


okay so i feel kinda bad about making a post like this but i kinda need help

im a 18 year old trans/non binary, autistic and schizophrenic kid with a punch of (untreated) physical illness and my family is abusive

im gonna be admitting myself to a psychiatric ward soon, tonight or tomorrow and after words im going to have to move out as soon as possible bcos its only gonna make my mum’s abuse worse. shes always denied me health care and shes not exactly fond of schizophrenics

but my boyfriend’s job doesnt pay enough to afford one months rent in this city and im not able to get a job. im gonna be apply for disability services but it might take awhile to get approved and i really need to get out of here soon.

my mum is transphobic and ableist and homophobic and she treats me a like shit and she doesnt even let me see doctors when i need to and being here is aggravating my mental illness issues and ive been getting increasing suicidal and im scared

so if anyone could signal boost this or donate id really appreciate it. ill be making a shorter, less triggering post later so if u wanna wait for that one to reblog this, or reblog both thats fine

anyway, my paypal email is alivingwhisper@hotmail.ca

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the virmire survivor goes to alchera after the SR-1 is destroyed. they never tell the alliance. but they sit, quiet, in front of shepard’s helmet, and they think about how easily it could have been them, how many times they’ve escaped death - and their breathing echoes in their ears.

maybe the ghosts of the normandy talk back to them. maybe they don’t.

but shepard finds footprints on alchera, and always wonders whose they were.