so i actually had a really good day today? a new friend and i went to a farmers market and got popsicles and pet a lot of dogs and then went to a coffee shop together and did a couple hours of work

and i got home and took a nap and cleaned some stuff and did more work and watched some TNG

i’m still feeling kinda bleh and it’s one of those “i don’t know why i’m feeling this way damn you lingering depression” kinds of bleh but. good day. will keep reminding myself of that and in the meantime i’m going to bed to get a reasonable amount of sleep

ilu all. a lot. seriously so much. <3333

references for eating healthy + cheap!

[note that for people who struggle with eating/food-related anxieties or disorders, a lot of these links have calorie counts and stuff, so if you’re triggered by that kind of thing please be careful!!!]

reblog with your own references, i’m sure a lot of us could always use more!! :D